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Residential tub and shower install in the Riverview, FL.

Shower & Tub Installation & Repair

We install and repair all types of showers and tubs in the Riverview, FL area.

New shower and bathtub installation or replacement services in Riverview, FL.

New Shower Installation RiverviewUnfortunately, there are some things that just can't be repaired in a cost effective manner, making replacement of your shower or bathtub necessary. Some issues that cannot be repaired without replacement can include large water leaks and structural damage. If this is the case, we have all the tools and experience to remove your existing tub/shower and replace it with a new one.

Replacing or installing a new tub/shower is no simple task and should be handled by experienced professionals, like Curtis Plumbing. We also provide our tub and shower installations if you're doing a remodel, upgrading your existing tub/shower, or installing an entirely new tub/shower. We have ample experience in not only installing the tub/shower itself, but handling any plumbing requirements.


Shower and bathtub repair service in Riverview, FL.

Shower Repair and Replacement Curtis PlumbingIf there is a problem with your shower or bathtub, it doesn't mean it needs to be replaced! There are many issues that can be repaired, avoiding the costly replacement. When talking about bathtubs, one common problem is leaks, which is often caused by a hairline crack in the tub. We can easily repair these issues quickly and in a cost effective manner. Here are some common problems that we can easily repair with your shower or bathtub:

  • Leaking bathtubs caused by small cracks and holes.
  • Leaking faucets or shower heads.
  • Broken faucets or shower heads.
  • Clogged drains causing standing water.

If you'd like to schedule an appointment for a free estimate on your shower/tub installation or repair, just give us a call at (813) 672-4111. We provide our shower and bathtub services to the Riverview, FL area.

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