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New toilet being installed by Curtis Plumbing in Riverview, FL.

Toilet Repair & Installation

We fix broken toilets and install new ones in Riverview, FL.

Toilet repair services in Riverview, FL.

A toilet that is not functioning properly is a nuisance that can disrupt an entire household, and a business can lose time and profit attempting to fix a faulty toilet on its own. When we are called for toilet repair services, we quickly identify and repair any problems that are causing your toilet to malfunction.

One of the most common repairs is a toilet that leaks. A leaking toilet can cause water damage, become a slip hazard and cause higher water bills. Locating where the leak originates from is rarely a simple task, but we'll quickly examine, locate and repair the leak.

Another common problem is a toilet that just won’t flush. Fixing this promptly will prevent a messy dilemma. A number of causes can be responsible for the toilet's inability to flush. We can diagnose and repair the flushing issue in short order.

The last common toilet repair service is a faulty chain or float in your toilet. The problem may require someone to shake its handle, or press it repeatedly in order to flush, if it will flush at all. We can repair or replace the components involved right away. Having to jiggle the handle will be a thing of the past in your household!

Curtis Plumbing replacing a broken toilet in a Riverview, FL home.

Toilet installation and replacement services in Riverview, FL.

In some cases, after examination, a toilet may have too many issues for a repair service. In such instances, we can quickly replace your toilet with minimum interruptions to your schedule. A toilet must be properly installed to ensure it is fastened securely and no wobbling will occur. The correct pipes must be attached to the designated connections to prevent subsequent complications. This is something that should be left to an experienced plumber. Let our plumbers install your toilets to make sure the service is done correctly and meets Hillsborough County code.

If you are in Riverview, FL and have toilet difficulties, contact Curtis Plumbing at (813) 672-4111 to fix your problem. Call or email us so we can dispatch a licensed plumber to inspect, and repair or replace your toilet.

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