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Curtis Plumbing non-intrusive leak detection using thermal imaging.

Leak Detection Services

Providing non-intrusive leak detection services in Riverview, FL.

We provide non-intrusive leak detection services in Riverview, FL

Not all leaks are gushers that flood your kitchen floor from under the sink. If you have a high water bill you can’t account for, if you have dampness around your baseboards and flooring, if you hear the pipes in your wall when no water is being used, then you may have slow a leak. Leaks are difficult to find and should not be searched for by someone without the proper credentials. We have the experience and tools to locate the source of a leak with our non-intrusive leak detection service. We will quickly track down where water is escaping, then repair the leak promptly.

The most serious problem caused by a slow leak in a wall or flooring is mold. If the source of the wetness is not detected, then toxic mold can build up. The growth of mold will spread undetected while concealed by its surroundings. Mold can also cause a multitude of respiratory issues. Eventually growing to a point that black clusters will appear on the wall or floors.

All homeowners and business owners want to prevent water damage, and we can do that. If you have any reason to believe there may be a leak, give us a call at (813) 672-4111. Our non-intrusive leak detection services will tell us exactly where the leak is coming from and what steps we'll need to take to alleviate the problem.

Water leak in ceiling causing structural damage.

What happens when leaks go undetected?

When water seeps from a pipe, it does untold damage. An undetected leaky drain line, or sewage line, can let waste putrid into the walls or flooring. A buildup of such unsanitary conditions can bring pests with it, like roaches and flies. Eventually a smell will come from the foul discharge, making living conditions very unpleasant.

A slow leak in a water pipe can cause structural damage. Drywall can be eroded from the inside out and damp floorboards can warp over time, requiring replacement. Water leaks can also ooze into cracks and crevices, causing tile to dislodge from walls and floors. Carpet will absorb moisture from a leak and can become discolored and molded. All of these structural issues can take significant time and cost to repair.

If you are in the Riverview, FL area, we can find your leak and repair it quickly. Call us at (813) 672-4111 for any leak detection services at your home or business.

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