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Riverview business being repiped.

Repiping Services

We'll replace your old or damaged plumbing pipes in Riverview, FL.

Repiping services for old and damaged pipes in Riverview, FL.

When water flows through aging pipes that have become restricted by calcium carbonate deposits or other buildup, it can break loose and end up in the water you use for drinking, bathing and cleaning. This is common in older homes and businesses where pipes may have become too damaged from corrosion, or are too obsolete to be repaired. In cases where the pipes cannot be repaired, our repiping service will replace the old damaged pipes, with brand new ones. We will undertake the replacement with minimal alteration and interference to your home or business.

Curtis Plumbing repiping a home in Riverview, FL.

Our repiping service includes many steps.

  • Remove Old/Damaged Pipes: Damaged or obsolete pipes must be removed from the walls and/or ceiling. This may involve boring into concrete or brick to reach the pipes. Piping must be removed completely, all the way back to the hot water heater and fixtures; so that it is a certainty no leaks will be present in the new piping. In some cases, old drains may be removed as a precaution against leaks.
  • Install New Pipes: Once the old pipe has been removed, the installation of new pipe will take place. Adjustments may be required, including installation of brackets and straps inside the walls or ceilings.
  • Pressure Testing: After the new pipes are installed, they have to be pressure tested to ensure they are in proper operating order and no leaks are present.
  • Flushing: When it has been determined that the new pipes are free of leaks, the entire system must be flushed to ensure the pipes are free of any debris.
  • Finalize: Once the above steps are complete, and Hillsborough County code requirements have been met, we'll complete our repiping service by repairing the wall and cleaning up any remaining messes.

If you live in Riverview, FL, and have a home or business with leaky or antiquated pipes, let Curtis Plumbing fix your problem. Call us at (813) 672-4111 so we can dispatch a licensed plumber to help you.

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