Older homes often have aging pipes. Mainline backups and leaks are common with such older systems. After the condition deteriorates to a certain point, pipes will need to be replaced.

In more serious cases, calcium deposits can break loose and work their way into your glass of water. Here, we will discuss when it’s time for complete replacement.

Low Water Pressure, Visible Rust, & Leaks Are Key Signs

Fixing pipes under a sink in Brandon.

The water in Florida often leads to a lime buildup in pipe systems. The clogging becomes so severe that there is not enough room for water to properly flow. In the Tampa Bay Area, it’s common for older homes to have cast iron pipes or copper pipes. Hard water can cause buildups and deposits can form, leading to impossible clogs. Eventually, the system’s pressure back builds and can cause leaks.

Another key sign is the presence of rust colored water. When rust is showing in the water itself, it’s usually a sign that corrosion is occurring inside the pipes. All of these examples are signs that you need repiping to avoid a disaster or costly water damage.

Many Pipe Materials Used in Older Homes Lead to Problems Over Time

In our area, there are many materials present in pipe systems that eventually break down and malfunction. Here is a rundown of the common types of pipes found in the many homes, their average lifespan, and how to identify them:

  • Galvanized Steel - 50 years - Silver or gray in color when scratched with a key
  • Copper - 50 years - Gold or orange/red in color
  • PVC - 50 years - white or beige colored plastic material
  • Polybutene - 10 to 15 years - gray, blue, or white plastic pipes labeled “PB”
  • CPVC - 50 to 70 years - white or beige colored plastic material marked “CPVC”
  • PEX - 50 years - red or blue plastic piping labeled “PEX”
  • Schedule 80 PVC - 50 to 70 years - thick gray plastic pipes
  • Brass - 40 to 70 years - look similar to copper pipes, but when scratched turn light gold

Repiping Process Involves Removing Old Pipes, Replacement, Testing, & Flushing

Replacing new pipes in a Valrico home.

At Curtis Plumbing, we’ve completed many repiping jobs in the area. Once we confirm that you actually need a complete pipe replacement job, we will walk you through how the process works and what to expect.

Here is a quick summary of how the service is performed:

  • Removal of old pipes
  • Replacement with new pipes
  • Testing of new pipes
  • Flushing of the pipe system
  • Code inspection

Once we are sure the system is up and running and leak free, you are finished! Your system will perform exponentially better with new pipes, which will last longer than the older system.

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