A toilet that functions properly is vital to sustaining your everyday life and is never an appliance you want to have an issue with. Unfortunately, even the most durable toilets can break down over time and require repair. But how do you know if your toilet needs corrective attention? There are 3 signs you should be on the lookout for to answer that question. Your toilet might need to be repaired if it is constantly running, flushing slowly, or leaking. Contine reading to learn about each of these signs and what they could mean.

1. Your toilet is constantly running.

The first sign that your toilet may need to be repaired is that it is constantly running. Many of us know the sound of toilet that runs constantly. It is unsettling, annoying, and can wear down your nerves if it persists for an extended period. If your toilet won't stop running, there are a couple of possible explanations. One is that there is a problem with your toilet flapper, while another is that your float is set too high.

If there is an issue with your toilet flapper, that means water is probably not flowing properly between your toilet tank and toilet bowl. This could certainly cause your toilet to run constantly, especially if the flapper isn't sealing properly. Similarly, if your toilet float is set too high, it will affect how water moves through your toilet tank and could cause constant running.

While it may not seem like a big deal, you should never ignore the sound of a toilet that runs constantly.

2. Your toilet is flushing slowly.

The second sign that your toilet may need to be repaired is that it is flushing slowly. When a toilet flushes slowly, it will take longer than usual to eliminate the contents of your toilet bowl. In some cases, a toilet that flushes extra slowly won't even be able to fully dispose of all toilet bowl contents in one flush. That is never a situation you want to encounter, especially if you share the toilet with others. Your toilet could be flushing slowly for a few reasons, which are outlined below.

  • Low Water Level: If your water level is low, your toilet simply doesn't have enough water to flush any faster than it already is.
  • Clog: A clog in your pipes impedes the flow of water to and from your toilet and could cause your toilet to have a hard time flushing.
  • Calcium or Hard Mineral Buildup: As calcium or other hard minerals build up in your pipes, it will interrupt water flow and prevent your toilet from flushing correctly.

3. Your toilet is leaking.

The third sign that your toilet may need to be repaired is that it is leaking. This sign can be impossible to overlook or difficult to detect depending on the severity of the leak. If water is visibly pouring out from your toilet and flooding the surrounding area, you will almost certainly recognize it. However, if the leak is small and covert, it could be more challenging to identify. There are a few potential reasons why your toilet might be leaking. Your toilet connector could be broken, your toilet bowl could be damaged, or your toilet tank could be cracked. While these situations are not ideal, they can be solved with the help of a professional plumber.

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