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How Not to Clog Your Toilet

How Not to Clog Your Toilet

We've all been there—the toilet flushes and all of a sudden, water begins to fill up the bowl and overflow onto the floor, causing you to panic and reach for the plunger in an attempt to stop the water flowing out of the toilet. A toilet clog can be a major or minor inconvenience, depending on how bad it is and the underlying cause. 

Here are some ways you can work to avoid your toilet clogging in Riverview, Brandon, Valrico, and surrounding Florida communities.

Don't Use Excess Toilet Paper

One of the more common toilet clogging issues we see is when people use excess toilet paper. Yes, toilet paper does dissolve in water, but it's not instantaneous. Try to limit toilet paper use to what you really only need, and if you do need to use more, it's advised to flush once, use more paper, and then flush the toilet once more. This at least distributes the toilet paper more evenly and doesn't cause a clog in the pipes.\

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Why Store-Bought Drain Cleaners Are Harmful

Why Store-Bought Drain Cleaners Are Harmful

No one wants to start brushing their teeth or washing their hands only to realize their sink drain is clogged. It’s gross, it’s annoying, and it’s definitely inconvenient.

There are many drain cleaners you can buy at the store for a quick fix but using those can eventually cause more harm than good. Here are some reasons why you should not use store-bought drain cleaners to fix your drain clogs.

How Chemicals Can Affect Your Pipes

A diagram of how drain cleaners enter pipes of homeowners in Brandon, FL.

When you use these drain cleaners, they come with caustic chemicals inside them. These chemicals can actually cause your pipes to weaken over time if you keep using the drain cleaners. The chemicals work to break up the clog, but the reaction generated when these chemicals mix releases heat. If you have PVC pipes this especially is harmful to them.

Sometimes, the chemicals don’t work so well and can just end up sitting in your pipes. As they weaken, the potential for them to burst increases.

A burst pipe can...

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