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Can Your Shower Be Repaired or Does it Need to Be Replaced?

Can Your Shower Be Repaired or Does it Need to Be Replaced?

When your shower isn't working properly, it can disrupt your entire household here in Florida. However, it can be difficult to know whether you can simply repair your shower, or if you need to bite the bullet and replace part of it. If you notice leaks, slow drainage, or cracks in your tiles or grout, your shower probably only needs a small repair. If your shower water is discolored, the water won't stay hot, or there is fluctuating water pressure, you may need to think about replacing part of your shower. Whether you need to repair or replace your shower, you should contact a professional to do it for you.

When do you need to repair your shower?

Slow drainage in shower in Fish Hawk, FL.

There are many situations where your shower will only require a simple repair. These situations include:

  • Minor leaks: Besides being an annoyance, leaks can also cost you money due to the wasted water. Leaks often occur because a part in your shower is loose; therefore, if you notice any minor leaks in your...
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