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3 Signs That May Mean That Your Toilet Needs to Be Repaired

3 Signs That May Mean That Your Toilet Needs to Be Repaired

A toilet that functions properly is vital to sustaining your everyday life and is never an appliance you want to have an issue with. Unfortunately, even the most durable toilets can break down over time and require repair. But how do you know if your toilet needs corrective attention? There are 3 signs you should be on the lookout for to answer that question. Your toilet might need to be repaired if it is constantly running, flushing slowly, or leaking. Contine reading to learn about each of these signs and what they could mean.

1. Your toilet is constantly running.

The first sign that your toilet may need to be repaired is that it is constantly running. Many of us know the sound of toilet that runs constantly. It is unsettling, annoying, and can wear down your nerves if it persists for an extended period. If your toilet won't stop running, there are a couple of possible explanations. One is that there is a problem with your toilet flapper, while another is that your...

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