There are a number of signs that point towards needing a water filtration system installed. Contaminants found in the water of Riverview and Brandon can come from different sources and can result from:

  • The location of the water source
  • How the water is disinfected
  • The condition of your city's delivery pipes
  • The condition of your home's pipes

Be wary of these six signs that your water quality may not be up to par.

1. The water has a distinct odor.

Pure water should have no odor to it at all. If you detect an odor like rotten eggs, for example, or some other strange smell coming from your water, something could be wrong.

2. The water tastes bad.

If your water is clean, then it should have no distinct or strong taste to it. Water that is hard to drink due to the taste may have contaminants in it.

3. Your water is not clear.

Water should be clear straight out of the tap, with no cloudiness to it at all. If your water is cloudy or has a distinct yellow, orange, or red appearance to it, then contaminants are likely to be present.

4. Your skin and hair are constantly dry.

Washing your hair and body with water that has either minerals or chlorine in it, can cause your hair and skin to dry out. This is especially evident from showering.

5. Your household is frequently sick or has consistent stomach issues.

Some water contaminants can make your family sick and long-term exposure can have detrimental effects. Many of the bad contaminants that cause serious illnesses have no taste or smell and, when ingested repeatedly, can make your family ill. In addition, bacteria can be in the water, which can cause severe stomach issues. If people are getting sick frequently with no obvious cause, the water supply may be the culprit.

Testing the Water

Pay attention to the quality report of your water that is generated by your city. The city you live in is required to give you a water quality report yearly, if you receive water from a public supply. If your report indicates that there are a high level of contaminants, chances are it is time to look into a filtration system.

If you live in the Riverview, or Brandon area, call Curtis Plumbing at (813) 672-4111, and get a professional test of the water in your home. We are able to test for contaminants and provide a detailed report on our findings. Your report will assist us in choosing which system your home needs, to be able to start generating clean and clear water!