It's one of the worst types of clogged drains you can get, and unfortunately, one that most of us will have to encounter in our lifetimes: a clogged, overflowing toilet. It can result in hours of cleanup and plenty of headaches – but don't panic! The first thing you need to do is to turn off the toilet's water supply to keep the flooding from getting worse. Next, attempt to clear the clog in the toilet so that the excess water can drain out. If you're unable to clear the blockage, call a professional ASAP. The sooner the clog is cleared up, the sooner you can get back to having a sanitary, functioning bathroom, so don't hesitate to call in the big guns of your local plumbing company in Florida!

Cut off the toilet's water supply by turning off the main shutoff valve.

Toilet with its lid off to shut off main valve in Adamsville, FL.

The first step in addressing a clogged and overflowing toilet is to stop the influx of water. Take the lid off of the tank of the toilet and locate the flapper that allows water to flow from the tank into the bowl. Push the flapper down and your bowl's water supply will be cut off! Then, turn off the toilet's main shutoff valve so that no more water can enter the tank. Once you've done this, the flooding will be prevented from worsening while you focus on declogging the toilet.

Use a back and forth motion with a plunger to clear the toilet clog.

With the water supply cut off, you can now attempt to clear the blockage in the toilet. The best tool for the job is your trusty plunger! Ensure that the water is covering the cup of the plunger. If not, you can toggle the flapper to let a little more water out until it is completely underwater. Clear out air bubbles by slowly pushing down, and then use a back-and-forth, pull-and-push motion to clear the clog. You may need to plunge 15 to 20 times in some cases, but usually, this will do the trick if you keep at it!

Plunging unclogs drains by forcing water in and out of the drain, dislodging blockages to restore normal water flow.

If plunging doesn't work, call a professional plumbing company.

Plunging clogged toilet in Gibsonton, FL.

If the clog persists even after plunging, the toilet may need to be removed to get better access to the drain – so it's time to call in the professionals. Plumbing companies will have high-performance equipment like an auger that's up to the task of battling tough clogs. If needed, they can safely remove your toilet, returning it when they're done with a fresh wax seal in place so it works like new. The sooner you call a professional to fix your clog, the sooner your toilet will be back in perfect working order, so if plunging doesn't do the trick, don't hesitate to call!

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