We've all been there—the toilet flushes and all of a sudden, water begins to fill up the bowl and overflow onto the floor, causing you to panic and reach for the plunger in an attempt to stop the water flowing out of the toilet. A toilet clog can be a major or minor inconvenience, depending on how bad it is and the underlying cause. 

Here are some ways you can work to avoid your toilet clogging in Riverview, Brandon, Valrico, and surrounding Florida communities.

Don't Use Excess Toilet Paper

One of the more common toilet clogging issues we see is when people use excess toilet paper. Yes, toilet paper does dissolve in water, but it's not instantaneous. Try to limit toilet paper use to what you really only need, and if you do need to use more, it's advised to flush once, use more paper, and then flush the toilet once more. This at least distributes the toilet paper more evenly and doesn't cause a clog in the pipes.\

Another issue with toilet paper may be the type you're using. The ultra-soft, thick toilet paper is going to take a lot more time to dissolve than other types. If you're prone to using a lot of toilet paper, consider using a thinner option that will dissolve more quickly.

Only Flush Toilet Paper & Waste Down the Drain

Clogged toilet being plunged in Riverview, FL.

Despite warning labels, many people still have a tendency to flush foreign objects down the toilet drain. The only things you should be flushing are toilet paper and waste. Anything else can lead to a problematic clog, even baby wipes marked as flushable. Tampons and sanitary napkins should always be thrown in the trash, along with cotton balls and Q-tips. 

Teach your small children that the toilet is not a toy and that they should never flush any small toys, crayons, or other hard objects. These can be difficult to extract, depending on how far down the pipe they have traveled before creating the clog.

Additionally, never flush food down your toilet. Grease and food debris will quickly turn into a clog. Instead of flushing food, it's best to put it into a garbage bag and throw it away.

Use Mild Toilet Cleaners Instead of Chemical Drain Cleaners

Chemical drain cleaners may seem like an easy fix, but they actually can cause worse problems down the road. They can cause damage to the toilet bowl and pipes, and if you have a septic system, these cleaners can kill off any of the bacteria. A damaged pipe can clog or leak and that's not something you want to deal with. Instead, use mild cleaners such as vinegar or baking soda to remove any excess debris that could accumulate in your pipes.

For the tough clogs you can't fix, call a professional plumber to come take a look—the problem could be elsewhere within your plumbing system.

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