Well pumps are very important for your home, as they supply your house with fresh, clean water on demand. When your well pump starts to go bad, it can cause some major issues for you and your home’s inhabitants.

From fluctuations in water pressure to an abnormally high electric bill, here are some signs your well pump is going bad in Riverview, Brandon, Valrico, and the surrounding areas.

Fluctuations in Water Pressure

One of the most common indicators of a failing well pump is fluctuation in water pressure. Water pressure issues can result from a number of factors, including scaling inside your pipes from hard water, bacterial buildup, low water levels at the well, or a pressure tank issue. Often bacteria can clog the pipes leading to the pressure switch, which causes fluctuations in water pressure and eventually leads to low or non-existent water flow. A faulty motor can also cause pressure fluctuations. To restore balanced water pressure, your well pump and screen need to be cleaned and all bacteria and other buildup removed.

Strange Noises Emanating From the Tank

A well pump that is emitting strange noises, like rapid clicking, is an indication that you have an issue inside your pressure tank. Each pressure tank houses a bladder full of air, and when this bladder leaks air it causes your well pump to frequently start and stop. This strains the well pump's motor, causing it to make weird sounds and shortens the pump's life expectancy. Unusual noises emanating from your well pump are an indicator that the pump is going bad.

At Curtis Plumbing, we can quickly troubleshoot your well pump issues and repair or replace any parts needed to get your pump working efficiently.

Faucets Spit While Water Is Running

Water may not come out correctly when your well pump in Riverview, FL stops working.

A malfunctioning well pump can cause your faucets to spit when water flows from them. A leaking pressure tank bladder and pipes that are cracked can lead to spurts of air pockets in your running water, causing it to "spit" intermittently. Spitting water is a sign that something in your well pump isn't quite right, and if left unchecked could lead to even bigger problems down the road.

Your Pump Is Running Constantly

A pump that is constantly running can be a sign of an issue with your pressure tank or a sign that your pump is not efficiently drawing water from your well. Your pump needs to draw water from your well to keep your tank filled, and when it’s unable to do so it will try to accommodate this discrepancy by constantly running to keep your tank full. This struggle is a clear sign that your well pump is going bad and losing its efficiency. A loss in efficiency can lead to greater water waste and a significantly higher electric bill.

Discolored & Poor-Tasting Water

A bad well pump is unable to filter out silt or other sediments before pumping the water up to the surface. This causes your water to appear cloudy or muddy and leads to very poor-tasting water. After a while, friction from sand, silt, and other dirt wears your well pump out at a very high rate. When your pump is unable to filter well, contaminants like decaying organic waste, bacteria, and dirt can all remain in the water. These contaminants create a very poor taste and can be dangerous to humans and animals who drink the contaminated water.

Higher Than Average Electric Bill

Nearly all the well pump issues described above decrease the efficiency of your home's water system and subsequently increases your electric bill each month. If your electric bill each month is steadily increasing and you haven't changed your power usage, then you might want to check your well pump. A blocked pump, malfunctioning pressure switch, and low water level can all lead to greater power usage to supply the appropriate amount of water for your home.

Do you need your well pump repaired or replaced?

At Curtis Plumbing, we provide services to repair or replace your damaged well pump and maintenance to keep it in peak working condition. If you’re experiencing any of the issues listed above, call us today at (813) 672-4111 to have a professional technician come to your home and solve the issue.