In the areas of Brandon, Riverview, Valrico, and nearby Florida cities, many of the homes and businesses are newer construction, but if you have an older home or commercial property, chances are that you could have some outdated plumbing that may be costing you money every month.

Here are some ways to update your plumbing and lower your water bill each month, including water-saving toilets, low-flow showerheads, and more.

Water-Saving Toilets Are Beneficial for Residences & Businesses

Water saving feature installed on home toilet in Riverview, FL.

Toilets use around 30 percent of water in a home, while many older commercial toilets use more than 2-4 times the amount of water recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency and other federal standards. Replacing old home and business toilets with newer, WaterSense toilets can contribute to a substantial amount of water being saved each month.

For example, a 10-story office building that houses around 10,000 occupants could end up saving about $10,000 per year by installing new toilets. In a home, you could expect to save about $3,000 over the life span of the new toilet in water bill costs. Older toilets can also leak, which may incur a hefty charge on your water bill.

High-Efficiency, Low-Flow Faucets Reduce Water Usage

An inefficient faucet could also be contributing to your water bill. Between leaks and drips, there are issues with continuing to use an older faucet. No one likes a dripping faucet, and that's also wasting water. Instead, you can have a new faucet installed that is both low-flow and high-efficiency. These save money on water and also on your energy bill, as you then have to pay less for heating water.

Low-Flow Shower Heads Help Conserve Water

Older showerheads let out about 2.5 gallons per minute, which adds up on your annual water costs. If you use a WaterSense showerhead, those must release 2 gallons per minute. About 17 percent of the water used in homes across the country is for showering. A WaterSense showerhead could end up conserving around 2,700 gallons per year, according to the EPA.

If every U.S. household used low-flow showerheads, the entire country would save around $2.9 billion each year in water bill costs.

Repiping Can Help Fix Water Leaks that Can Lead to Worse Issues

Repiping in open home floors near Riverview, FL.

Older pipes can often be faulty, with leaks or cracks in them. If you have older pipes with water leaks you don't know about, then those leaks could lead to worse issues. As moisture accumulates in your walls, it can cause mold buildup or weaken your foundation. Mold remediation is an expensive process that you have to hire a company to fix, as trying to remove mold yourself is not recommended due to potential health risks. Repiping is advised to save yourself from these extra costs before they happen.

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