Don't you love the smell and feel of fresh, clean laundry? However, sometimes you might be surprised to find a nasty smell coming from your laundry room in Florida. After some investigating, you've discovered that the source of the smell is your drain, and it's most likely coming from the sewer. There are a few things that could be causing the smell. For example, your drain trap could be dry, the drain line could be clogged, or you could have improper venting in your home. Keep reading to learn more about how these issues could cause an unpleasant spell in your laundry room and what you can do to eliminate it.

Your drain trap may be dry, causing a sulfur-like smell to come from your laundry room.

Every drain in your home has a trap. For example, your sink has a curved pipe underneath, and the bend is a p-trap. Your washing machine drain has one, too, and it can dry out from various factors. If your washer hasn't been used or the water isn't draining properly, your trap may dry out. Dry traps can cause a putrid, sulfur-like smell that comes through the pipe and into your laundry room. To remedy this situation, you can add water to the drain and the smell will typically go away.

The drain line in your laundry room could be clogged, causing the collection of odor-causing bacteria.

Even if there is a clog in your laundry room's drain line, it's possible to not even know it's there, as it usually allows water to continue draining. However, this clog could be what's causing the smell. The longer it's there, it starts to collect bacteria and can cause a sewer-like smell. One way to fix the clog is to snake the drain, which will help get rid of the smell. Another way to fix it is to pour some bleach down the drain to kill the odor-causing bacteria. If you're worried about making matters worse, it's best to call your local plumbing professionals who will come and clear the drain clog for you.

Check with your city's sewer rules before using any bleach products to kill bacteria in your drains.

Improper venting of your laundry room drains could trap the unpleasant smell in your house.

Another possible cause for the odor in your laundry room could be improper venting of your drains. If they aren't vented properly, they could trap the unpleasant smell inside. The vent pipe attaches to the main drain pipes in your home and is usually vented out of your roof. It's sometimes called the stink pipe because it allows sewer gasses and odors to escape out of the home. To fix the problem, you can check for clogs in the venting system by carefully going up to your roof and shining a flashlight into it. From there, if you find a clog or think the vent isn't properly installed, you should call a plumber to fix the problem.

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