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5 Signs it's Time for a New Toilet

5 Signs it's Time for a New Toilet

It goes without saying, a single toilet malfunction is a dreaded situation. What could be worse? How about consistent toilet malfunctions! Keep an eye out for several indications that your toilet is better off being replaced than repaired. Here are some telltale signs that replacement is in your future!

1. You are noticing cracks in the porcelain.

The first indication that cracks may be present in your toilet is the pooling of water at the base of the toilet. If you notice any leaks, check the toilet for cracks. While you may not see any visible cracks, there may be some in the bowl or tank.

Cracks in your toilet can cause serious damage to your flooring and be a waste of water! Wet floors can also cause additional problems with water damage, mold, and mildew. If you notice any of these issues, and they are due to cracks, replacing your commode may be the best course of action!

2. You have been spending a lot of time calling in repairs.

Of course, a properly working...

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What is a P-Trap and is Yours Working Properly?

What is a P-Trap and is Yours Working Properly?

Considering the importance of plumbing, it can be interesting to think about how homeowners often don't know the proper terms, uses, and warning signs associated with their plumbing. For example, they may not know that one of the most useful devices that can be found attached to most sinks, showers, toilets, and other major plumbing fixtures is the P-trap.

What is the P-trap and Why do You Need it?

The P-trap is a plumbing fixture made up of two 90° joints and a horizontal overflow pipe. When these pipes are put together, they create a "P" shape, which lends to the name P-trap. Most P-traps are designed from PVC pipes or steel. Exposed fixtures, such as under kitchen sinks or behind toilets, will feature steel, as it is more attractive and blends into the surroundings better.

Your plumbing fixture has a P-trap for a couple of crucial reasons:

  1. It is designed to trap debris drained from the sink and prevents clogging that can happen deep in your plumbing ...
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Maintaining Your Garbage Disposal

Maintaining Your Garbage Disposal

Are there funky and unusual odors in your kitchen? Do they seem to be coming from your sink area? Chances are you need to clean out your garbage disposal. While these devices are extremely handy for grinding up unwanted food items, they do need to be cleaned from time to time to get rid of built-up debris and bacteria.

We are going to offer you three options for alleviating bad odors in your disposal's interior, as well as some tips for cleaning the interior and exterior of your disposal.

No more bad odors!

Get rid of that disgusting odor in your kitchen by utilizing one of these cleaning techniques that can bring a clean, fresh scent to your kitchen sink area.

1. Crush Odors with Ice

Ice helps eliminate smells. All you have to do is pour two cups of ice into the disposal and turn the disposal on. Not only will the ice help clean the disposal and get rid of odors, but it also helps sharpen the blades in the process.

2. Get Citrusy

Citrus is known for...

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What causes plumbing pipes to make noise and rattle?

What causes plumbing pipes to make noise and rattle?

When pipes are noisy and make a lot of unusual sounds, homeowners tend to get worried about the source of the sound. When it comes to pipes, you can hear anything from a bang and a rattle to a whistle or a squeal.

The source of the problem can be hard to determine, but the source of the sound will usually happen at one of these points:

  • When running water in the house
  • After a cold or hot water supply has been shut off
  • Randomly throughout the day or in the middle of the night

Depending on when/which noise you are hearing can narrow down the scope of the issue. Determining when the sound occurs is the initial step, then breaking down the possible causes is next. Most pipe noises can be easily rectified, but using a professional plumbing company like Curtis Plumbing may be necessary.

Hot water and CPVC water lines.

When hot water is running in your home and you hear a noise that is either,

  1. A clicking or knocking sound that starts soon after the hot water is turned...
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